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          Richard Lawrence Dombroff's Long-Awaited Magnum Opus of Faith 


We invite you to enjoy this summary of the long-awaited, modern American memoir entitled, The Great Physician by a new American Author,  Richard Lawrence Dombroff, one of the most  prominent and controversial figures in American medicine .

In one sense it is a brutally honest medical-surgical tell-all that lets the chips fall where they may. In a larger sense this is the magnum opus of the American dream as well as its nightmare, a fascinating, true life epic of the rise, fall,  and ultimately the life-affirming redemption of  the world’s most talked-about and debated plastic surgeon. Our controversial Author is a Johns Hopkins Medical School graduate-turned-entrepreneur who, after training at the world’s most elite medical centers , under the tutelage of the best and the brightest in medicine and surgery, including several Nobel Laureates, broke ranks with the traditions and culture of the reactionary American medical establishment and went head-to-head with the stationary culture that spawned him.  Regarded by many as a radical visionary, the young Park Avenue plastic surgeon proceeded to revolutionize the manner in which America perceived cosmetic surgery as no longer the province of the rich and famous, by almost single-handedly making it fully accessible to millions of men and women from all walks of life. In the process of stubbornly challenging the status quo, the Author,  an ex-Columbia political radical , went on to repeatedly pay a great personal price over decades for repeatedly pushing the establishment envelope by pursuing his entrepreneurial vision of reforming the American medical-industrial complex, as well revealing as an intimately personal chronicle of his struggle with his own profound character flaws that threatened to sabotage his life.

The author began his career path as the prototypical , Ivy-elite, establishment insider prophesied by Tom Wolfe in the 1980’s , making this work truly a Bonfire of the Vanities for today’s generation of the academic, business and professional millennial class, which the Author has creatively dubbed “The Effete Elite . ”  It is an exquisitely painful expose’ of how, in Hemingway’s words, “Life breaks everyone,” as well as a sincere, soulful mea culpa in the face of his legendary catastrophic fall from grace of literally Olympian proportions.  His life is the flesh and bones version of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man In The Arena” who rises and falls, who tries and fails again and again, but who, when he does fail, at least, in T.R.’s words,  does so “Daring greatly.” Not even his detractors would characterize the Author as being anything less than audaciously daring in his efforts to fashion his vision into a reality, often ruthlessly and with reckless abandon .

His  life is a glorious mixed-metaphor of both the author’s fierce determination to walk his own way as well as his humiliating but ultimately transforming acknowledgement that for much of his willful, self-seeking  existence he has walked recklessly and  blindly through life with feet of clay, ensconced above it all in Trump Tower, recklessly living life at 90 mph as a self-worshiping“god” with a small “g”.  It is an exhilarating and exquisitely painful  romp of reconciliation and redemption that has never been so absorbingly treated in non-fiction literature until now. The true-life subject matter, including the world of big time cosmetic surgery, actresses and supermodels temptingly interfacing with a brilliant young doctor’s sensual appetites, lures, and lusts of the flesh, love of money, crime and punishment, prison life, and renewal and redemption combine deliciously to make the work absolutely riveting for broad audience segments. There has simply never before been any literary work like it which even approaches its divine blend of caliber, class, and content. It is the work that Tom Wolfe wished he could write, but wrote about Wall Street "Masters of the Universe" because he could never even approximate on paper the Author's utterly fascinating life experience. Our Author is uniquely qualified to bring this story to the world.

The Author emerges from the muck of his existence, in the manner of C.S. Lewis at Cambridge and St. Paul on "the road to Damascus" 2000 years earlier,  as an absolute truth seeker with  elite, academic credentials and a 99th percentile first rate brain who's too smart for his own good and  whose eyes got opened to that fact just in time to save his life, the Author's existential manifesto being transmuted by suffering from the Nixonian, “Contrition Is Bullshit” and “Never Explain, Never Complain,”  to ultimately Christ’s Sermon on the Mount where, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see  God” . 

Ultimately, the memoir closes with the  the ex-red armband-wearing, Columbia, SDS-style radical  adopting  as his life’s  war cry the writings of another radical Christian , Paul The Apostle, who wrote from another dank prison cell to the First Century church at Corinth:  “I want to know Christ, the Power of His Resurrection and the Fellowship of His suffering.” It is a powerful life story of the simple, authentic rebirth of another brilliant but deeply flawed man followed by the renewal of his mind and in the process the transformation of his entire life.We then see him miraculously transformed by God's Love into the man he dreamed of becoming; a man who could  profoundly touch and change the lives of the spiritually suffering, the sick and the hurting around him.

A saga spanning the diverse American landscape over more than five decades, beginning in the 1950’s through today, it is both a chronicle of a cynical, spoiled, rebellious and self-centered , covetous,  post-Vietnam America,  as well as the scintillating, highly personal and intimate memoir of our curiously ubiquitous, “Zelig”-like character in a custom-tailored, monogrammed white lab coat, walking in and out of the lives of fascinating historical figures and world-renowned celebrities, saints and sinners, alike, from the Shah of Iran to Elvis Presley, from Hubert Humphrey to John Gotti, Ramsey Clark and Pavarotti to Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and a panoply of others.  But all along this delightful, cosmetic surgery tell-all  is counterbalanced and grounded by the fact that coursing through it is a dark parable of the modern American dream-turned-nightmare.   

It is the memoir of a modern day Catcher in the Rye Holden Caulfield- in-surgical scrubs; a grown-up and pumped-up-Ferris Bueller-on-steroids, an erudite and educated Wolf of Wall Street with heartbreaking  social value, at the same time fascinating and irreverent, salacious and poignant, sensational and inspiring. The author is the consummate Ivy-covered, professional, the archetypical polo-playing young squire and scholar, “The Man to See”,  who is admired for his intellect, educational pedigree, technical skill and “take-no-prisoners” entrepreneurial spirit by many people around the world, while at the same time being vilified mercilessly and nearly fatally by others.  But always he is a complicated real flesh and blood human being who has been poorly  reported on  and underestimated by a world which loves to stand in judgement. A world of wannabe’s who “Google” somebody and then think they know all about a person’s inner soul from search engine results. To be sure, he is man who has often miserably failed to judge and bridle himself and his runaway passions, and who strangely struggles for many years to understand and come to grips with the forces and events that shaped and twisted his character and consequently turned what was a charmed life into a train wreck for himself and those he loved. The true story of the explosive details of his life’s journey to reconciliation and redemption, incubating for decades in a  post-surgical "soul-on-ice", is now ready to be told to a hungry and hurting readership sorely in need of hearing The Good News, the true path to soul healing.

In the second decade of this Second Millennium it is a modern story of biblical proportions and ancient-of-days themes: of self-glory, greed and sensuality, arrogance and brokenness, of worldly gain and irretrievable loss, of fleshly lusts and soulish bankruptcy, of denial and confession, of horrific fall followed by true repentance and redemption, of spiritual blindness-turned-sight, of imprisonment and freedom, of heartbreak followed by spiritual healing and a “joy that surpasses human understanding.”

Our Author’s life is a story that is truly unique and the media appetite for covering him has been insatiable for over three decades. He has been the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles, television reports as well as a  documentary or two. All "fluff" pieces. “Google” the Author and you too will think you know all about him, but you’ll be wrong.  The reporting is endless and sensational, often inaccurate and exaggerated, but always superficial and incomplete. At the same time, it is a story of the ages and for all ages: of prosperous striving and reckless squander, of rare gifting and talent stained by simple greed,  self-love and stupidity, of blessing and cursing. It is most importantly a testimony of hope in which millions of readers around the world may find a path for their own spiritual healing and for restoring purpose and meaning in their own lives, often broken by sin,  folly, loss, sickness and disease, betrayal , loneliness and social isolation. Lives of untold millions that are so often tragically broken, lives made senselessly barren by the Years The Locusts Ate, an Old Testament scriptural metaphorical code for tragedy, brokenness, affliction, folly and loss which cuts a wide swath of devastation so often through the years of our human existence as it cut in the Author’s life.

Decades in the making, we know you will be touched deeply by this unique memoir and that you, too, will find it to be a truly unique, old-fashioned “page-turner” which is perfect for our time. Intended as a serious non-fiction  literary work, it reads like a nonfiction novel, and we believe that its fascinating subject matter and message is so singularly compelling that this work may well wind up on both everyone’s bestseller lists today, as well as on required student reading lists in the future next to St. Paul  or St. Augustine, from Sinclair Lewis to CS Lewis,  from Edward Arlington Robinson to Mark Twain, from Alexander Solzhenitsyn to John Irving, from Tom Wolfe to Ann Tyler, from J.D. Salinger to Thomas Merton and all the other giants who have grappled with the cautionary themes of human folly and sin, self-generated existential threats, self-destructiveness, and the elusive and often frustrating pursuit of true human joy and fulfillment.

In an era in which the mighty stumble from lofty peaks to ignominious obscurity, in an America, for instance, which has witnessed the world’s most mighty and admired network news anchor tragically and inexplicably break loose from his moorings of truth, this is an amazing life-changing, tell-all confessional of another brilliant, all-too-flawed modern man, mired in the darkness of the deepest kind of pit that the world has to offer, only to rise to mountain peaks he never dreamed existed. It is most importantly a no-excuses story of how high the world can seem to exalt a talented prodigy one minute, only to coldly “put his lights out” the next minute after he stumbles and hits rock bottom.

It is also a chilling cautionary tale for today’s generation of the "Effete Elite," demonstrating how ugly life at that rock bottom can get. It examines the darkest corners of the heart of man as well as being a stunning modern-day revelation of the possibility and promise of God’s illuminating Love to dramatically transform the  life of of even the worst sinner. It tells about a true human redemption which leaves no time or patience for pity parties, only victory jubilees for how a broken life can be so graciously redeemed and restored.

We guarantee that you will find something in this book seemingly written especially for you. Something profound  that resonates in each reader’s heart. You will alternately laugh and cry and put your dropped-jaw back into place by the riveting true-life dialogue and scenes dramatically presented. From the operating room to the bedroom to courtroom, from judge’s chambers to prison isolation chambers, the memoir is a crazy-quilt of contrasts, careening from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the scandalous to the sacrosanct, from the fraudulent “white collar” to the chaplain's white collar,  from the surgical theater to the prison cell, from being surrounded by adoring syncophants, worshiping at the false altar of Rolls Royces, Bentley's and Ferrari's, to our Author ultimately kneeling alone and abandoned in tearful desperate prayer for salvation, running-on-empty, a drowning man no longer trusting in self-based worldly strategies, a solitary, unlikely figure in the darkness of the abyss with nothing looking back at him, ultimately seeking and finding the meaning of his life and a way forward in the Face of a living all-sufficient Savior. And ultimately, after all the worldly honors are faded, after all the money is gone, the adulation silent, the diplomas mildewed, the women left, after all the loss, his realization that in his spiritual journey to the spiritual mountaintop he finally has a shot at becoming the Man he was always created to be .