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A New Selection For 2016
Presenting a monumental Christian memoir of 
Healing, Faith, and Redemption From A Thomas Nelson-Zondervan 
Divison of HarperCollins Faith

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       A New American Memoir By 

       Richard Lawrence Dombroff


A Worldwide Readership Waits.....



Because of the diverse subject areas upon which the work is based, including medicine and surgery, cosmetic surgery, health and beauty, business, health care delivery, entrepreneurship, faith and spirituality, crime and punishment, the market for this book is massive across all socioeconomic and demographic parameters and knows no global boundaries as well. Were it simply targeting the audience for faith-based literature it would be a huge market success because of its incomparable story line. However, its content is so sensational that it cuts across all categories and will dominate the market for a very long time. We believe it will adapt perfect as a motion picture as well, the market has an insatiable appetite for such diverse elements as cosmetic surgery, sensuality and temptation, high life and prison life, as well as inspirational, faith-based literature.

It will be on everyone’s bestseller list for months , it will spark discussion and controversy on television talk shows,  internet websites and chat room postings. It will be required reading in public schools and colleges  along with Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Merton’s Seven Story Mountain. It will play as well to secular readerships as well as to its ready-made base of in excess of two billion Christians globally. It will come to redefine the term“crossover phenomenon”. It’s sales will eclipse Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, the HarperCollins/Zondervan hundred-plus million copy Christian bestseller. Because, more than any other faith, Christianity, known for two thousand years as “The Great Confession” reveres the the written and oral testimony of its  believers, this book will be read and spoken of positively by literally hundreds of millions of Christian believers around the globe for decades to come and will take its place along with other great works of Christian spiritual rebirth and renewal as St. Augustine’s Confessions in the Third Century up to C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity in the Twentieth Century and more contemporary crossover bestsellers as The Purpose Driven Life and Joel Osteen’s series of faith-based books.

Better than the foregoing, this work is ideally-suited to be made into a major motion picture. It will be the major crime and punishment, human folly motion picture that Martin Scorcese wanted his historic trilogy of  “Goodfellas” “Casino” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” to be but never could be because their subject matter was so one dimensional and lacked real, meaningful redemptive endings. It will tower over such current cinematic releases as “Unbroken” and “American Sniper” because its subject matter is of much more unanimous and universal appeal:   bigtime cosmetic surgery, celebrity, lust and temptation, crime and punishment, the high life and prison life, leading to authentic repentance, redemption, and renewed life. These are among the hottest, most magnetic topics across all media categories and they are the real-life stuff on which this book is based.

Periodically books appear on the market extolling the virtues of cosmetic surgery. On the whole they are trivial vanity publications written ostensibly by plastic surgeons for image and marketing purposes or by laypersons who have usually worked in the field of aesthetics and whose sole purpose is to foster the authors’ reputation for expertise. They are of short-lived success. There has never been a self-effacing memoir by a major surgeon which combines the sensational and fascinating conglomeration of topics contained in the book proposed herein.

There is no question that this book will take the market by storm and change the literary landscape of this non-fiction genre. Each and every one of the elements is present for success and, accordingly,  it has taken five decades of the Author’s unique and fascinating experiences on a world stage for this project to come to such singular fruition.

Plainly put, the subject matter is more than fascinating. Moreover, revealing his inner self in a frankly  uncommon manner, warts and all, it is truth personified and the Author tells all, letting the chips fall where they may. Indeed, each and every one of the Author’s experiences, positive or negative, even the controversies surrounding him, perfectly synergize to propel this project to unimaginable success for everyone involved in it.