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A New Selection For 2016
Presenting a monumental Christian memoir of 
Healing, Faith, and Redemption From A Thomas Nelson-Zondervan 
Divison of HarperCollins Faith

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"The most jarring plastic

surgeon's confession to date.

A wild St. Augustinian Rolls- 

Royce romp right up to the 30th floor

of Trump Tower.

Had Hemingway become a Christian

this is the book he would have lived 

to write...An amazing real-life

Ferris Bueller-in-surgical

scrubs grows up, goes to prison, gets

born again and changes the world in

ways he could never have hoped for.

Perhaps the most significant

and engrossing Christian memoir of

our time"

    American Memoir Review
July, 2016

An Explosive  Christian Manifesto For The

Second Millennium That Blows the Lid Off A 

Herd of Worldly Sacred Cows

Join one of the world's most prominent and controversial plastic surgeons of his time on this exciting and important  magnum opus of Christian faith. 

A captivating journey into the fascinating world of big time plastic surgery, high-stakes finance, , meteoric rise, crash, burn,and spiritual redemption .

A monumental Christian testimony of loss and renewal. Of setback , comeback and payback . Experience the whole smash all the way to ultimate victory.